101 Body Image Affirmations: Feel Better About Your Body!

This blog article is intended to inform and educate and is not a replacement for medical advice.

Is your inner voice talking to you more like your worst critic or your best friend? 

It’s normal to have ups and downs with how you feel about your appearance. But if you’re fixated on perceived flaws and often compare yourself to others, it might be time to reassess your relationship with your body

Repeating body image affirmations like these can help support you on your journey towards body acceptance and shift the conversations you have with yourself each day.

Bookmark this page and refer back to it whenever you need a boost of confidence. 

Let’s get started!

What Are Body Image Affirmations?

Body image affirmations are positive statements that provide support or encouragement when you’re feeling negatively about your body. Think about what your best friend says to you when you’re down. “You’re so much more than your body” and “You’re worth it” are affirmations. 

The affirmations below can help you feel better in your own skin, remind you to take care of yourself, improve your body confidence and help you develop a healthy body image. 

Research shows that negative body image can lead to unhealthy behaviors like dieting, binge eating, and restricting food intake. These body image affirmations support the development of body respect, body acceptance and improved body image.  

Body Image Affirmations

Affirmations for difficult body image days

  1. I can be kind to myself even if I’m having a bad body image day.
  2. My body can do amazing things. I treat it with love and respect so that it can continue to amaze me.
  3. I won’t let negative thoughts about my body get in the way of focusing on what matters to me. I’m more than my body.
  4. I can think positively about myself and my body and not beat myself up.
  5. My weight has nothing to do with my worth. I decide how worthy I am, and I am worthy.
  6. I believe in myself and can overcome my fears.
  7. I can act in a way that aligns with my values.
  8. I can be patient with myself as I learn to accept my body the way it is.
  9. I am fabulous and deserving just the way I am.
  10. I’m done beating myself up for not looking like someone else.
  11. I refuse to compare myself to others—we are all unique and beautiful in our own way.
  12. Life is too short to waste time obsessing about my body. I have many amazing things to achieve and need that time to focus on moving ahead with my life.
  13. Even if I have negative body thoughts, I don’t need to act on them.
  14. I can recognize negative body thoughts and reframe them to make them neutral.
  15. I can challenge my negative thoughts.
  16. I don’t need to fixate on my negative body thoughts.
  17. I can let negative thoughts pass like they are riding on the wind.
  18. I can talk positively to myself even though I am having a hard time accepting my body.
  19. I will not let society’s standards dictate how I feel about my own body.
  20. The voice I hear most often is my own. I am going to talk to myself with compassion.
Body image affirmation: I can have a bad body image day and still respect my body's need for food.

Affirmations to accept your body size

  1. I will not allow my happiness to be dictated by my clothing size or the number on the scale.
  2. Knowing my body weight tells me nothing about what I am capable of, who I am or what makes me special. Weight is just a number, not a value.
  3. I deserve to feel great in my clothes.
  4. Clothes are meant to fit ME, not the other way around.
  5. My weight has no bearing on how spectacular I am.
  6. I can be healthy at any size.  Being healthy is about the choices I make and the actions I take, not the size of my body.
  7. I deserve clothes that fit my body now at its current size.
  8. I accept my body for all that it is and all that it has allowed me to do.
  9. There is more to my life than worrying about my weight. I can put worry aside and go out and experience my life.
  10. I can accept my body at its current size.
  11. I am allowed to take up space.
  12. Accepting myself as I am right now is the first step in personal growth. I am evolving.
  13. I deserve to be comfortable in my own skin.
  14. I will not compare myself to others – we are all on our own unique journeys.
  15. I will not define myself by my weight, my clothing size, or the number on the scale. I am SO MUCH MORE!
Body image affirmation: there is more to my life than worrying about my weight. I can put worry aside and go out and experience my life.

Body appreciation affirmations

  1. I appreciate my body and have a brilliant mind.
  2. I am grateful to my heart for keeping my cells alive, my lungs for the air I breathe, and my brain for processing the world around me and guiding my thoughts.  My body is incredible.
  3. I don’t have to love my body to respect it and nourish it daily.
  4. I am grateful for my senses that help me see the sky, smell the flowers, hug my loved ones, hear the breezes through the trees, and taste amazing food. My body is capable of so much.
  5. When I look to others to dictate who I should be or how I should look, I reject who I am. I accept myself.
  6. I am enough just the way I am today. 
  7. My body deserves respect. My body deserves love. 
  8. I appreciate my feet and legs for carrying me through this world. Thank you.
  9. My body has allowed me to [insert accomplishment here].

Affirmations to find worth outside of your appearance 

  1. I can be kind and compassionate to myself and others. I can show myself compassion in difficult times just like I would show compassion to a friend in need.
  2. I approve of myself.
  3. My worthiness is not up for debate.
  4. I am a fighter.
  5. I am worthy of respect, love, and friendship. I foster more of this by showing myself respect and love.
  6. I love who I am and I am worthy of love.
  7. I am the one who shapes my life.
  8. I am ready to recognize my worth.
  9. My life is a constant work in progress.
  10. I deserve satisfaction, happiness, and accomplishment.
  11. I make my own opportunities and success.
  12. I will use my energy to pay attention to myself and tap into my intuition.
  13. I will listen to my intuition and let it guide my choices.
  14. I can delete social media accounts that make me feel bad.
  15. My friends love me for my [insert qualities here].
  16. I am a compassionate person.
  17. I can let go of my reliance on the scale.
  18. I am so much more than my body.
  19. I am good, kind and trustworthy. I have integrity. I am grateful for all my good qualities.
  20. I am making a difference in the world. I matter.
  21. I have good things in my life and I am grateful.
  22. I have unlimited energy for my life.
  23. I am in control of the voice in my head and I can be kind to myself.
  24. I know myself better than anyone else does.
  25. I will use what I learned from my failures to inform my success.
  26. I am patient and tolerant.
  27. I can practice identifying my emotions and asking myself what I need in the moment. 
  28. I can set boundaries to protect my heart.
  29. Friendships and relationships that build me up are worth my time and energy.
  30. I can talk positively to myself.
  31. I am a compassionate person towards others and towards myself.
  32. My work makes a difference in the world.
  33. I am above negative thoughts and actions.
  34. My heart is open to new friendships and new connections.
Body image affirmation: I am in control of the voice in my head and I can be kind to myself.

Healthy body affirmations

  1. I look after myself and my body is strong and healthy.
  2. I deserve a healthy body.
  3. I feed my body and do movement I love because my body deserves to be taken care of.
  4. Focusing on movement that makes me feel alive and invigorated is more important than exercising to burn a certain number of calories.
  5. I care for myself with both movement and rest.
  6. I eat a variety of foods for my health and well-being. I am worthy of my efforts to be healthy.
  7. When I take care of myself, I have more energy to handle life’s ups and downs.
  8. I eat for energy and nourishment.
  9. I deserve to eat no matter how much I moved my body today.
  10. I forgive myself and I am healing every day.
  11. My well-being is the most important thing to me. I can choose to support my well-being.
  12. More than anyone else I am the one who takes care of myself.

Confidence-building affirmations

  1. I am strong and capable. I have confidence in myself.
  2. I am perfect and complete just the way I am.
  3. I believe in my abilities and my intelligence.
  4. I can think positively about myself. I am so much more than my body!
  5. I believe in myself and can overcome my fears.
  6. I can open my mind to new ways of thinking about my body.
  7. I can act in a way that aligns with my values.
  8. I am fabulous just the way I am.
  9. I am resilient and will emerge from this difficulty even stronger than before.
  10. I am in control of the voice in my head and I can be kind to myself.
  11. I know myself better than anyone else does.

Do body image affirmations really work?

Yes. Studies have shown that repeating daily affirmations can have a positive effect on us by lowering stress levels and depressive symptoms.

Using positive affirmations can reduce negative thinking and build body confidence. By starting the day with positive affirmations, you can actually give yourself a self-esteem boost. I like to choose my morning affirmation as an intention for my day, to help me focus on what is most important. 

As a registered dietitian, I specialize in helping women improve their relationship with food and body image. I use affirmations with many clients to help support positive body image and self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety, and focus on health.

How else can I use body image affirmations?

Now that you’ve read through these affirmations, it’s time to put them into practice! 

Starting your day with these affirmations can improve your motivation to act in your own self interests. Try using them as journal prompts or as a mantra during mindfulness practices like meditation or yoga. Affirmations can have quite an impact when we repeat them over and over throughout the day.

The next time you start thinking negative thoughts about your appearance, stop yourself and say one of these affirmations out loud. 

Remember: You control your inner voice. Let that voice say something supportive.  Something loving. Something a best friend would say. Take control of the narrative and bring positive energy to yourself today.