Intuitive Eating

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Types Of Hunger In Intuitive Eating

Are you afraid that listening to your hunger signals will lead to binges or out-of-control eating? Are you trying to eat intuitively but struggling with understanding what hunger feels like?  You’re not alone. Hunger can feel confusing and overwhelming, especially if you’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting or disordered eating in the past.  In this blog …

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image of flowers and tea with a journal for writing intuitive eating affirmations

The 25 Best Intuitive Eating Affirmations

Using these affirmations can be like having your own personal Intuitive Eating coach at home – YOU! They can help set your thoughts on the right track for the day or encourage you if you’re struggling with one of the 10 Intuitive Eating Principles. Here are four ways to use these intuitive eating affirmations:

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The 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating (IE) is a compassionate approach to self-care, eating, nutrition, and movement that promotes physical and mental health. It helps you find pleasure in food and the joy of moving your body. Through Intuitive Eating, you can learn to connect and respond to your body’s natural, biological signals, including hunger, fullness, satisfaction or emotional need.

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