Health At Every Size

Welcome to the HAES corner of the blog! Explore articles that empower you to break free from dieting and embrace the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach. Our content offers expert insights and practical guidance for building a positive relationship with your body as it is today.

If you’re new to the non-diet approach and HAES, you might wonder if focusing on weight loss is healthy. Begin by diving into our introductory article, uncovering the benefits of the Non-Diet Approach. After that, explore our practical articles about non-diet nutrition, like our meal planning, lunches and snacks posts. Or, you can explore articles dismantling toxic diet culture and embracing a weight-neutral perspective.

This section emphasizes evidence-based, sustainable practices like Intuitive Eating and HAES. So, whether you’re intrigued by the non-diet mentality, eager to debunk diet myths, or focused on cultivating body positivity, our articles provide a roadmap to redefine your relationship with food and your body.

We encourage you to challenge cultural norms and prioritize health over weight. Likewise we celebrate the diversity of all body shapes and sizes here. To that end, the tools we share help you navigate a non-diet lifestyle, fostering a positive mindset in line with Health at Every Size principles. Embrace a new wellness paradigm, where self-compassion, intuitive choices, and a commitment to long-term well-being guide your health journey.