Take a Grocery Store Tour With a Registered Dietitian!

This blog article is intended to inform and educate and is not a replacement for medical advice.

Are you confused about all the choices at the grocery store and aren’t sure which foods will actually support your health?

Have you been taught that “shopping the perimeter” is the only way to eat “healthy” foods? What if you like foods from the middle aisles?

Do you wish you had a personal guide to tell you how to use foods in recipes you’ll actually like?

I get it. Grocery shopping can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you have specific health needs, food allergies or a medical condition.

But I’m here to clear up all the chaos and make grocery shopping easy!

Ready to learn more? Let’s go.

What is a grocery store tour?

A grocery store tour is a personalized, dietitian-guided grocery education trip. During my grocery store tours, the aisles become our classroom, and there I teach you all about which foods will support your health goals, taste preferences, and budget.

During these tours, I take the complicated science of nutrition and break it down into bite size pieces that you can apply immediately to your menu plan and shopping list. 

Most grocery stores have more than 40,000 food choices – that’s a lot of potential decision-making! Together we sift through the foods available so you can narrow in on foods you love that will support your health.

 What will I get out of a tour?

  1. You’ll save money. My expert tips will help you stretch your food dollars in every section of the store.
  2. A better understanding of food labels. Nutrition facts will make more sense when I place them in context of your individual health goals.
  3. Confidence that your grocery list aligns with your goals. No more wondering which foods and recipes will help you support your health. 
  4. Meal planning will become easier and faster and you may end up wasting less food in the long run, saving you money.
  5. Empowerment. After our hands-on session, clients are more empowered than ever to carry out their nutrition plan with new tools and knowledge. 

What will we cover together?

  • Produce: We’ll explore produce items you may never have used before as well as the standard fruits and vegetables that enrich any eating pattern with lots of flavor, vitamins and minerals.
  • Proteins: Well review cuts of meats, plant proteins, seafood, and dairy products to help ensure you’re getting the protein you need in a form that you like. We can discuss cooking methods, safe handling, and storage, too. 
  • Grains, Beans and Carbs: You know eating whole grains and beans will support your energy needs, but which packages contain them? And which ones taste good? I’ll resolve all your questions about carbs and share lots of ideas and recipes.
  • Fats and Oils: If you’ve ever stared at the sea of choices in the cooking oil section and wondered, “can you use the same oil for cooking as you do for baking and salad dressings?” From extra virgin to cold pressed, I’ve got you covered.
  • Canned, Frozen and Packaged Foods: We’ll read labels together so that we can demystify the thousands of convenience foods in the center aisles of the store. These aisles contain nutritious foods that can save you time in the kitchen and money on your grocery bill.
A man in a blue sweater leaning to read a food nutrition label on a packaged food in a grocery store

What needs to happen prior to a grocery store tour?

Grocery store tours are available after an initial nutrition counseling visit. During this session, we review your medical history and current lifestyle so that I understand your health needs and goals. This helps us customize your tour and use our time most effectively.

We also discuss food preferences and allergies or sensitivities. That way we can focus on foods that are aligned with your likes and health needs when we get to the supermarket. I can also be prepared to introduce new foods you may enjoy that you haven’t yet tried.

What if I have a health condition, like IBS, pre-diabetes, heart disease or fatty liver?

Your health history and current health goals will be at the heart of our grocery store discussions. Knowing your medical needs will guide our tour so that you know how to create delicious meals that promote your best health – whether that’s heart health, liver health, gut health or overall health!

What clients are saying about grocery store tours

“I would…spend a lot of time thinking about foods I would like to buy, but don’t have the knowledge around what to do with them once I get home. I ended up wasting a ton of food!!! So, I asked Britt for a grocery store tour. We walked down the aisles and she explained to me…how [foods] could be used. I showed her the items I mindlessly put into my cart and asked her to explain the nutritional labels. This information will lead me to make better choices. I needed to break my grocery shopping habit! Britt is amazing! She is patient, thoughtful in her responses and non judgmental.” – Current Client

“Britt is a knowledgeable, patient and inquisitive nutritionist. She takes the time to understand you as a person and your environment. Britt does not bring any judgment and is extremely supportive. Her resources and guidance are evidence based and factual. The internet is full of misinformation and I trust Britts advice.” – Current Client

How should I prepare for my grocery store tour?

After your initial visit, take some time to think about any questions you have about grocery shopping, food selection, and your health goals. Here are some questions to think about before the shopping trip:

  • Are there foods you have seen in the store but are unfamiliar with? Make a list!
  • Do you want to understand how to read nutrition labels? 
  • What’s the difference between a “serving size” and a “portion size”?
  • Are there foods you would eat but don’t know how to prepare in a way you’ll enjoy? 
  • Wondering if frozen and canned foods fit your health goals? 
  • Confused about which proteins or fats you should select? Let’s talk about them!
  • Wondering which veggies actually taste good? How can you cook them so that they’re not army green? 

We can address all of these questions and more!

How long do grocery store tours take?

Tours usually take 60 to 90 minutes, depending on what needs to be covered. Some clients have even wanted to do two tours, one at their larger chain store and one at the local co-op, where we delve into all the bulk foods available.

Do you do virtual grocery store tours?

Yes! Please contact me to discuss a virtual supermarket tour option.

How do I sign up for a tour?

Scheduling your initial visit and grocery store tour is easy! Visit my supermarket tour page and click on the “Request a tour” button.