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Intuitive Eating Hunger Scale: image of fuel gauge near empty

Intuitive Eating Hunger Scale: A Powerful Tool To Stop Overeating

This post is your guide to using the Intuitive Eating Hunger Scale, a powerful tool that can help you get to know your hunger and fullness cues.  In this article, I’ll share expert tips on how to use the hunger scale to make mindful, energizing, satisfying eating choices throughout the day.  I’ll also delve into

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Woman in striped shirt contemplating good and bad food with angel and devil images over her shoulders.

Why The Good and Bad Food Mentality Is A Trap

Bombarded with messages about “good” and “bad” food and not sure whose advice to trust? You’re not alone.  We’re saturated with diet advice and nutritional do’s and don’ts from every direction. It’s easy to find ourselves categorizing food and restricting ourselves just because a food is off-limits according to influencers, Netflix documentaries, or the latest

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Woman in a yellow dress looking into the mirror, smiling

The Best Body Image Books To Transform Your Self-Esteem Now!

I use and recommend body image books to clients every day in my private practice. I rely on these books to supplement the work we do in session on improving body image and self-esteem. Reading and discussing the ideas in the books leads to remarkable shifts in how my clients relate to their body. So,

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Compare Orthorexia vs Anorexia: photo of woman with palms up with question marks above her hands

Orthorexia vs Anorexia: Do You Know The Difference?

Orthorexia vs Anorexia: how can you tell the difference between these two restrictive disorders? With the rise of social media, we are constantly bombarded with unrealistic portrayals of food and body image, blurring the lines between healthy eating and obsession and making us overwhelmed by the pressure to look and eat a certain way.  Two

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Photo of woman looking in refrigerator thinking "I don't know what to eat"

Help! I Don’t Know What To Eat! Fool-Proof Meal Ideas

“I don’t know what to eat anymore” is the phrase I most commonly hear from clients as a registered dietitian. You are not alone in feeling unsure about how to eat. In our culture obsessed with diet trends, fad cleanses, and the latest “superfoods,” the simple act of nourishing ourselves has become a battlefield.  Bombarded

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Woman looking in mirror wearing a green and white flowered dress.

Respecting Your Body When You Don’t Love It

Respecting your body when you’re having a bad body image day can feel impossible. Everywhere we look, we’re bombarded with social pressures to conform with unrealistic standards of beauty. Seeing bodies glorified for their thinness, fitness, whiteness or able-bodied nature at every turn makes accepting our bodies difficult when we don’t fit the mold.  As

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