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Woman peeking in fridge with her nose pinch and face expressing disgust

What to Eat When Nothing Sounds Good

What do you eat when nothing sounds good? When you’re NOT hungry or you’re nauseous or you have zero energy, it’s hard to find the motivation to eat something nourishing.  So, what CAN you eat when nothing sounds good or you’d rather not bother eating at all? And why does this happen? This post will

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Photo of a variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts

Healthy Eating Or Orthorexia? Take The Orthorexia Quiz

Do you spend much of your day obsessing over what you’re going to eat or thinking about whether your food is healthy or not? If so, this Orthorexia quiz post is for you.  Finding the balance between healthy eating and obsessing over the foods we eat can be incredibly hard. In this post, I’ll describe

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Photo of a sign with white lettering that says "Hungry?"

Extreme Hunger: Causes and How to Cope

Have you ever experienced extreme hunger that feels almost unbearable? If so, you’re not alone.  Extreme hunger can show up in many ways, from intense cravings to physical discomfort and even pain. It can make it difficult to focus on daily tasks, disrupt sleep, and impact overall health and well-being. But what causes extreme hunger,

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Image of vegetables and a finger pointing to a nutrition label

Stuck in Food Obsession? 5 Steps to Break Free

Is food obsession taking up all of your brain space? Do you spend way too much time counting calories or macros, tracking your intake, or reading food labels so you can lose weight or be healthy? Are you constantly thinking about what effect eating certain foods will have on your body or health? That’s totally

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Woman in a white blouse pushing a grocery cart down a supermarket aisle

Take a Grocery Store Tour With a Registered Dietitian!

Are you confused about all the choices at the grocery store and aren’t sure which foods will actually support your health? Have you been taught that “shopping the perimeter” is the only way to eat “healthy” foods? What if you like foods from the middle aisles? Do you wish you had a personal guide to

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Woman in a red dress holding hat with arms in air at the beach

Joyful Movement: Ways To Make Exercise Fun Again

Do you think of exercise as a necessary evil or as an activity you get excited about? How many times have you said to yourself, “Ugh, I have to go to the gym,” when what you really want to do is wave a magic wand and be done with your workout. If this sounds familiar,

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