The Ultimate Guide to Intuitive Eating Podcasts: 2023

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With so many Intuitive Eating podcasts out there, how do you find the best ones?

Do you wish you had more ways to get familiar with Intuitive Eating and explore nutrition topics with experts you can trust? 

If so, this article is for you! I’ve listened to hundreds of anti-diet podcast episodes, looking for the best Intuitive Eating information to share with clients. The result of all that listening is this condensed list of the best podcasts to help you become an intuitive eater.

Ready to get listening?

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating (IE) is a compassionate approach to self-care, eating, nutrition, and movement that promotes physical, emotional, and mental health. It helps you find pleasure and satisfaction from food and movement, while learning to connect and respond to your body’s natural, biological signals.

In a world obsessed with weight loss diets, calorie counting, and food rules, a refreshing and holistic approach to nourishing your body is gaining momentum – Intuitive Eating. Together the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating create a framework to help you tune in to your body and what it really needs. 

Intuitive Eating is a practice, and it will take time to master. But it’s worth it. 

Podcasts are a great way to help introduce you to Intuitive Eating if you’re new to the framework or deepen your understanding if you’ve been practicing IE for a while. Here are the best Intuitive Eating podcasts the world has to offer.

Best Intuitive Eating Podcasts 

1. Food Psych Podcast

First on the ultimate list is one of my favorites – Food Psych with Christy Harrison. Christy is a Registered Dietitian, Intuitive Eating Counselor, journalist, and author of the books Anti-Diet and The Wellness Trap

With over 300 episodes on her podcast, Christy works to challenge diet culture and promote eating intuitively. In her short weekly episodes, she answers questions sent in by her listeners, while some of her older episodes feature longer interviews. 

Food Psych also excludes diet culture triggers, such as calories, numbers, and weight, which is helpful for those who are in eating disorder recovery. 

My favorite recent episodes:

What to do when your family makes diet culture comments:

Can you diet and do Intuitive Eating?

2. Maintenance Phase

While not specifically an Intuitive Eating podcast, no anti diet podcast list would be complete without writers Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes and their humor-filled, diet-debunking pod. 

The hosts delightfully volley witty banter as they share well-researched information on topics such as anti-fat bias, the body mass index, diet culture BS, and a plethora of wellness fads. Definitely as entertaining as it is informative!

Notable episodes:

The 10,000 Steps Myth:

The Trouble with Calories:

3. Nourishing Thoughts 

Nourishing Thoughts is hosted by Registered Dietitians and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselors Ariana Rodriguez and Cassie Barnard. They specialize in treating eating disorders, chronic dieting, and body image – knowledge that plays a role in each episode of this podcast. 

As you nourish your brain with this podcast, you also learn how to nourish your body in the process. Including interviews with other specialists and those who have gone through recovery themselves, this podcast covers different ways to empower yourself when it comes to eating. 

Notable episodes:

Coping with Food Guilt:

How to Stop Calorie Counting:

4. Food and Body Freedom 

The Food and Body Freedom podcast is hosted by Nadia Felsch, an Intuitive Eating Counsellor and an anti-diet nutritionist based in Australia. 

Like the other podcasts mentioned in this article, you’ll love how Nadia provides insight on ideas such as fatphobia, food guilt, and diet culture. You’ll love her series on myth busting as well as some basics on Intuitive Eating, highlighted in the episodes below.

Notable episodes: 

Where to Start with Intuitive Eating:

The 3 Most Common Intuitive Eating Hurdles: 

5. Body Kindness

While not solely dedicated to Intuitive Eating, this podcast promotes a holistic approach to well-being, self-acceptance, and self-care. The pod explores various aspects of health, including mental and emotional well-being, in a supportive and informative manner.

Host Rebecca Scritchfield is a HAES Dietitian Nutritionist, Well-Being & Body Image Advocate, and author of the book Body Kindness. I appreciate her series of episodes on self-care and diabetes and ways to help parents promote body confidence in their kids.

Notable episodes:

The Truth About Carbs and Diabetes:

Please Don’t Screw Up Our Kids:

6. Food Heaven Podcast

Food Heaven is a great podcast hosted by Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones, two RDNs who jump into the world of nutrition with their listeners. This podcast focuses on creating sustainable eating habits while pushing away from diet culture and leaning into your body cues. Wendy and Jessica teach their listeners how to feel better in their body and find food and body acceptance. 

You will love how their podcast covers a diverse set of topics for those looking for a little more than just table talk! In addition to topics like “Making peace with period cravings”, the duo also discuss ideas like “Social Media Sucks. And Also We’re Addicted” and “Listen to this if you struggle with time management”. 

Notable episodes:

Why Is Nobody Talking About Social Determinants of Health? W/Your Nutrition BFF

How to Stop Hating Photos of Yourself

7. Nutrition Matters Podcast

Join Registered Dietitian Paige Smathers as she explores the science behind Intuitive Eating and body positivity. This podcast offers a blend of expert interviews, personal stories, and practical advice.

Even though her show is now over (no new episodes, unfortunately), the Nutrition Matters podcast has almost 200 episodes to browse. Paige has covered topics as diverse as mindful eating, hormonal health, body image resilience and food addiction in the five years she recorded her podcast. Lots of great content there!

Notable episodes:

Menopause – Weight, Health and Changing Bodies

Tips for Shifting from Rigid Meal Plans to Flexibility with Food

Parting Words: The Best Intuitive Eating Podcasts

Embarking on the journey of Intuitive Eating can be both liberating and challenging. These top Intuitive Eating podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge, practical tips, and personal stories that can guide you along the way. 

Whether you’re seeking to mend your relationship with food, understand your body better, or simply learn more about this empowering approach, these podcasts are a fantastic resource to have at your fingertips. 

Remember, the path to Intuitive Eating is unique for everyone, so find the podcasts that resonate with you the most and enjoy your transformative journey towards a healthier relationship with food and yourself.

Interested in starting your own Intuitive Eating journey? I can help! Through our meetings you can begin to implement the principles of Intuitive Eating at your own pace. Together we can work to reach your goals and make eating a positive experience for both your mind and body.

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