Body Image Support Group

You deserve to feel at peace in your own skin. 

Is the voice in your head hypercritical of your body? 

Do you find yourself comparing your body to others and feeling like you don’t measure up?

Have you avoided opportunities or experiences in life due to negative feelings about your body?

You deserve more! Transform the way you feel about your body in our supportive community. 

The Body Image Support Group is for you if:

  • You want to gain confidence and self-worth while decreasing body shame and body comparison

  • You want to move towards body acceptance, but aren’t sure how to begin

  • You want to identify negative influences on your body image and how they have affected you

  • You want to learn practical skills and strategies to increase self-compassion and body kindness

  • You are willing to explore your relationship with food and body image in a group setting

  • You are excited to engage with others and be mutually supportive around the topic of body image

  • You can consistently attend 7 or more of our group meetings to foster and develop a sense of community and trust

What You'll Learn & Discuss

Social Media & Diet Culture

The role of media and cultural influence on body image and how to counteract the effects of these influences in your own life

Social Media for body image


What objectification and self-objectification are and how to shift away from this mindset and find self-compassion and body acceptance

Woman looking in mirror with a self-critical gaze

Weight bias

The role of anti-fat bias and internalized weight bias in how we feel about ourselves – and how to flip the script and feel more comfortable in your own skin

Dictionary entry for the word shame

Body Image & Eating

The role nutrition plays in improving body image – food neutrality, debunking diets, and reducing eating behaviors brought on by body dissatisfaction

Spaghetti & meatballs

We will NOT explore:

Intentional weight loss programs, diets, or plans of any kind that encourage weight loss

this group is not a forum for discussions about pursuing weight loss or shrinking body size.

Intuitive Eating Dietitian Britt Richardson says, "You're worthy and you're worth it!


Weekly meetings

  • Wednesday evenings via televideo

  • Meetings will begin when we have a cohort of 10-12 – join the waitlist now to reserve your spot!

  • 5:00-6:15 pm Eastern Time (U.S.)

  • $169 for 8 weeks

  • Group size is limited to 12

  • This group is for adults 18 and older

About your facilitator:

Britt Richardson, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Eating Disorders Dietitian.

She specializes in helping people heal their relationship with food and their body. She works tirelessly with clients to help them recover from eating disorders, stop yo-yo dieting and heal body dissatisfaction. She’s ready to help you, too!

Get the support you need to feel at home and at peace in your body. 

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